Welcome To Probate S.O.S.

Please allow me to extend my condolences. There is a good chance that if you have need of our service, that means you have recently lost someone close to you.


There are two major reasons why someone would use our service:

1. If you have the unhappy task of being the executor of a will and need to divide the assets of the estate among a group of people we can help.

In most cases the majority of an estate is wrapped up in one or more pieces of real estate. Our service is to help you liquidate that real estate quickly so any and all heirs can receive their share of the estate.

2. You may have been left a piece of property that is not close to you and you are not¬†interest in moving into it. ¬†Simply owning the property costs money in the form of property taxes, insurance, maintenance, or H.O.A. fees! If these bills go unpaid, they can result in negative reporting against your credit, ……..and the money is still owed.